Underneath The Willow Tree
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About Matthew

Matthew Browning has been writing and playing music from the time he was old enough to crawl up on the piano bench in his childhood home in Memphis, TN. Now based in Colorado Springs, CO, blending post progressive rock with theatrical overtones, Matthew engages the listener with both emotional and spiritual depth. Matthew played and co-cowrote in bands in earlier years with the now lead singer/bassist of Skillet. With a background in formal music theory and composition and influences as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Queen, Radiohead and Arvo Pärt, Matthew’s music brings both a subtle symphonic counterpoint and a sense of complexity that draws on the heritage of a musically rich era.

"His confidence is absolutely sublime, and although I have the opportunity to review literally hundreds of artists every year, his brand of swagger is one that I rarely encounter – if ever. Listening to Matthew Browning isn’t just a treat for me as a critic, but moreover as a fan of incredible talent."

—Mindy McCall

"Love & Grief, in general, is a pretty spacious, sprawling record, but it isn’t an intimidating avant-garde album or a pseudo-left of the dial reprint from the 1980s . Matthew Browning is very skilled...at bringing a broad range of influences together to make something that is unlike what anyone else is doing at the moment."

—Anne Hollister

"The lyrics, or rather the prose employed to express them, are just as meaningful and lingering as the music is in 'Underneath the Willow Tree,' transforming the song from a cathartic power anthem into a well-rounded complete work of art. Matthew Browning wrestles with demons in the shade of the tree creating all of this opulent darkness, and in trying to figure out his own identity he ends up teaching us a lot about ourselves."

—Micheal Rand

"Matthew Browning is one of the more rebellious voices in music today. Browning has discovered a way of making indulgent pop music in an almost minimalist, muted format, and it’s simply magical to listen to. Not only are his melodies delightfully easy to digest, they’re served up to us in such graceful manner that we can’t help but become enamored by their delicacy."

—Lori Reynolds

"I felt like I was being introduced to an artist who clearly is adept at expressing color in every note his dispatches. He has an unstoppable glow about him, a radiant sense of command over his lyrics and the music behind them. Nothing feels like it was shoved together and packaged to sell us a concept instead of an artist’s identity. This is total exposure, and it’s sensuous, at times cryptic, and relentlessly full of vibrant vitality. In other words, it blew my mind."

—Sebastian Cole

"Overall, it’s a brilliantly conceived collection of masterful songs, captivating and edifying... This masterpiece is much better than majority of the other prog-rock albums being released today! I strongly recommend you give it a try."


"We have everything we love about timeless productions such as Camel, Marillion, Sylvan, Coldplay, Muse, Riversea... but that's just a small part of the truth about Matthew Browning's music. I can not think otherwise, nay! I can not otherwise listen to the album 'Love & Grief,' without a great respect and specific anointing, which is always accompanied when communing with a real masterpiece."

—Artur Chachlowski

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